Guido Koch

award winning video producer & fullstack developer
based in Zurich, Switzerland


Video production

Web development


Content creation

portrait of Guido Koch


Grimme Online Award 2022
with DOCMINE for the project "Nuclear Stories"


BSc Multimedia production

Cert. Full-stack bootcamp

CAS Figurative design


cinematic portraits

video productions with a strong narrative

I collaborate with a network of highly experienced videographers, directors and journalists, and together we produce visually arresting videos with a strong emphasis on character-driven narrative.

Projects at DOCMINE

award-winning webdocumentaries as DOCMINE employee

During my seven-year tenure I contributed to a wide and varied range of webdocumentaries.

Several of these projects received industry recognition for their innovative storytelling, high production value, and immersive user experience.

Freelance web projects

crafting engaging user experiences with state-of-the-art JS frameworks

As a full-stack web developer, I develop custom websites for clients in industry and academia.

Skill sets

I'm a seasoned video producer, with years of experience in videography, editing and animation. From concept to post-production, I can bring your vision to life with engaging storytelling and powerful visuals.

I am a "multilingual" coder, fluent in HTML, CSS and Javascript/Typescript and can build beautiful and responsive websites and web applications that deliver engaging user experiences.

Video Producer



Pre production & script writing

Motion Graphics

Fullstack Developer


Javascript / Typescript

React / Next.js



DevOps (Docker, Bash)

Get in touch

For project enquiries, please contact me by email or via the form below. I look forward to a fruitful collaboration!