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Wer bin ich?

Geboren als einziger Blondschopf meiner Familie wuchs ich im beschaulichen Städchen Sargans in der Schweiz auf. Hier besuchte ich die Schule und im nahen Fürstentum Lichtenstein machte ich eine Lehre als Physiklaborant. Immer mehr begann ich mich jedoch für Visuelles und Journalistisches zu interessieren. Darum legte ich schon bald meinen ursprünglichen Beruf an den Nagel und absolvierte nach einem Praktikum bei RingierTV das Bachelor-Studium «Multimedia Production» an der HTW Chur. In meiner Vertiefung «TV-Production» lernte ich, wie mit Bewegtbildern und Ton Geschichten erzählt werden können. Besonders die dokumentarische Machart faszinierte mich dabei. Darum entstand zusammen mit einer Kommilitonin im letzten Semester die Reportage «Sherpa Style».

Who am I?

Born as the only blond in my family, I grew up in the quiet village Sargans in Switzerland. Here I attended school and in near principal Lichtenstein I did an apprenticeship as phisics laboratory assistant. But over time I began to be more interested in visual and journalism. Therefore I quit my original job and started to study multimedia production at the HTW Chur after an internship at RingierTV. In my major class TV-production I learned to tell stories with moving images and sound. In particular I was fascinated in the documentary way. That is why I created together with a fellow student a documentary called «Sherpa Style».

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multimedia works

Film «Sherpa Style»

A documentary about two brothers doing graffiti artworks. This films duration is 34 minutes and has german and english subtitles (click the «CC» button on the vimeo interface), while its spoken language is swiss german.

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Short story «my hometown»

At a walk across my hometown on a rainy Saturday night gave inspiration for a short story.


Short film «Bärlin»

This short is inspired by an expressionistic poem («Gesänge an Berlin») written at the beginning of the 20th century by Alfred Lichtenstein. The story follows a bear, drinking his last beer in Berlin – his beloved town – before he has to join world war one as a soldier.

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Corporate video for apprenticeships

A local bank wants to push their apprenticeship program. Therefore they asked us to make some corporate videos of their apprentices. This video was fully created on my own.

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Internship work for «Galileo»

From January until March 2015 I did an internship at a TV-production company in Germany. The two reports about a perfectly made blender and a woman, who is a wedding officiant in a gun store are now now available online on the TV-Channel's website.

Watch «Shotgun Wedding»  (at 4:41)

Watch «the perfect blender»  (at 4:57)


Information graphics
«Israel vs. Palestine»

In October 2013 I made a journey to Israel and Palestine. The political situation there made me think about what happenend to the two parties in the past. For an assignment during my study, I created this information graphic.

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«Road Trip to Space»

Following to steps of Robert Frank's «The Americans» in a very abstract way. A winterly night in Salzburg feels like a trip to space. That was the aim of a final project of a photography class at FH Salzburg.

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Website for Schoenstatt Movement

For a catholic community I created a Website based on WordPress.

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